Blog: Katie checks into J Camp

By Katie Chen, J Camp Live! staff

After a three hour plane ride from Arizona and an hour long adventure on Chicago’

s public transportation, I finally arrived at my destination of Loyola University: the home of J Camp 2008.

I was, of course, nervous once I got off the plane. I was in a huge airport and worried that I would get lost. I immediately felt relieved when I met a representative from J Camp at the baggage claim. Little did I know that the real journey was only beginning.

Having to lug my suitcase on the crowded and bustling “El” train is something I will never forget, especially the dirty looks people gave me and my fellow J Campers as we wheeled nine large suitcases into the train. Sorry about running over those toes. The long ride, though uncomfortable, gave us a chance to better get to know one another. It was on the train when I met my roommate, Octaviar. We live on opposite sides of the country, but we have many things in common. For starters, we both think that Mariah Carey is much better than Leona Lewis.

The city of Chicago was exactly what I expected it to be. The weather here is comfortable for me, coming from Arizona where in the summer the temperature is normally well over 110 degrees. It began to rain when we walked out of the station. Other campers were dismayed, but I was delighted. Rain is something I have not seen for three or four months.

Loyola is a wonderful university and I was very impressed with the location and buildings. There are two suites with two people each in my room. Each suite has its own bathroom and the room also has a kitchen and a living room. My dorm room at Loyola is nicer than some hotels I’ve stayed at.

After the majority of campers had arrived we all got to meet each other and share our passion for journalism. Although I am a shy person, I found myself becoming more outgoing as I talked with other people my age who were all in the situation. Journalists can have many different types of personalities, but all must learn to be comfortable with people.

I came here wanting to learn more about journalism and the people involved. I cannot express how I feel to be able to spend time with people who have the same passion I do. I thoroughly am looking forward to the rest of this camp and my future, whether I decide to pursue journalism or not.


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