Editorial: Sticking with journalism

By Sharan Shetty, J Camp Live! staff

The journalism industry seems to be on the steep decline. Newspaper readership is plummeting, advertising is down and layoffs are as common as home foreclosures. The news business seems to be dominated by the Internet.

 But all that doesn’t matter.

The sharing of knowledge, the eternal pursuit to educate and inspire the world around us, is an immortal ideal. And it’s one that can’t just be wadded up and trashed like the morning paper.

Journalism is not a profession. It’s something more. It’s a duty, a commitment, a calling. The men and women who wake up each day to explore and investigate the intricacies of life are among the most courageous and crucial people on our planet. To challenge the notions of the world, to discover and depict the deepest facets of our society, is to truly live. And that will never change.

There will always be journalists. Through good times and bad, through war and peace, love and hate, there will always be the need for a shining voice in the darkness, a familiar face in the shadows.

The apparent decline of the entire journalism industry is merely an external illusion; within the walls of the newspaper presses, the television studios, and the magazine offices remain the same people whose passion is to forever explore the world. The same people who would give their lives to their work.

Because to be a journalist is not only to be a writer, a fighter, a talker or a thinker. It’s something more. Those whose responsibility it is to inform in an unfettered, unbiased way, no matter what the medium, is akin to a higher calling. And it always will be.


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